Drainage Surveys & Investigation

A Survey title with a very broad terminology. To simplify, a Connectivity and Mapping exercise.

Where required, CCTV, Sonde Tracing and Jetting will be deployed to aid such surveys, along with GPS Instrumentation for the accurate logging of Position & Level Data to then later be processed and transferred electronically for the purpose of CAD drafting. Another deliverable may be the form of ‘WinCan Map’.

The plotting of Sewers can also be known as a ‘Line & Level’ Survey. This is where a Sonde may be passed through a pipe or larger sewer by means of Float, or attached to CCTV Tractor Unit, or the Sonde Signal omitted by in built Sonde within Tractor Unit, allowing us to track the alignment of pipe from the ‘Top Side’, obtain depth readings, and finally picking up the locations with GPS. Such surveys are regularly required to clarify and satisfy water authorities where easements across their assets must be met for New Build Developments, Build-Over Agreements and alike. This approach to investigations and mapping also works in tandem with Utility Tracing and Mapping also undertaken ‘In House’ thus creates a fully encompassed mapping exercise for underground Utilities.