Jetting and Lining

Our Work with Jetting


From highways based working, through to remote, rural locations, SDS have proved to its vast client base, with a wealth of experience, planning, plant & machinery, we are able to tackle the most demanding of projects.

On a regular basis we are requested to mobilise through fields and woodland to provide a service for the likes of Network Rail, Airport and Water Authority’s and their assets. This will mean the mobilisation of all terrain CCTV Rigs and Vehicles, Portable Hydraulic Jetting Reels, Over-Pumping Plant and Combination Jet / Vactor Units to allow the de-silting of Culverts serving under rail (UTX’s) crossings or larger storage pipes serving Foul or Surface Water public systems.


During the Jetting and CCTV Process, inevitably the cause for the initial investigations may highlight the pipework is suffering from Deformations, Breaks, Holes, Root Intrusion etc. The common remediation for repair is the lining of the internal pipe wall, either in Patch Repair format, or full liner from MH – MH (asset – asset). There are various forms of curing these resin impregnated liners, such as expanding the Liner out to pipe wall with a water filled sock passed through the centre, which where timing may be of the essence, hot water is used to speed up the curing process. The other option is to pass through a different type of Liner, inflate, and then pass through a Trolley which omits UV lighting to undertake the curing process.