Pumping Station Surveys (WPS)

Helping to keep pumping stations moving

An accurate measurement of the flow, power and level to determine how a pumping system is functioning.

What are Pumping Station Surveys?

Pumping Station Surveys cover chamber dimensions, pump operating details, pump efficiency and hydraulic tests on pipe sizes ensuring a pumping station works effectively and safely. We’ll produce and process the relevant survey results in digital formats, including photographs and CAD drawings of internal layouts and site plans.

We work on all-sized pumping stations, from a small 2-pump arrangement to a complex multi-pump station with overflow and storm pumps. Our expertise helps us adapt to the most complex pumping station operations, ensuring quality delivery for each survey.

When do you need a Pumping Station Survey?

Pumping station surveys can be vital in understanding the in-depth detail of the station so to determine the efficiency or capacity of the station.

These surveys can determine if pumps are working to the correct capacity or provide detail drawings for any upgrades that may be required.

We work with private and public-owned pumping stations, measuring pumping stations, understanding how the system is functioning and if there are any problems. Our results shape an answer for future designs for modelling engineers needing a starting point. We also help spot errors and faults, reducing environmental damage and ensuring everything works efficiently.

How do Pumping Station Surveys work?

We measure dry walls, wet walls, compounds, valve chambers and (if applicable) floor plans with our surveying equipment. In the final report, we’ll include the results from the tests, plans and drawings of the assets, pump runtime data.

All plans and levels are related to Ordnance Survey datum, level and grid.

If required 3D laser scanning can be utilised to enable production of full 3D Revit model, this technique can also be used to minimise confined space entry.

The draw-down tests/drop tests are carried out on all pumps and combination of pumps where possible to evaluate the stations working efficiency along with the infill rate of the wet well.

Every client has unique requirements for a pump station survey, and we adapt by utilising appropriate equipment and reporting tools.

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