Topographical Surveys

Our Work With Topographical Surveys

A topographical land survey is an accurate plan drawing, using fixed point and triangulation measuring methods to plot position and level of man-made and natural features across the terrain.

  • Deliverables – topographical plans / river sections / volume massing/ 3D contour models. Provided in Autocad and pdf format.
  • We use Leica’s ROBOTIC TOTAL STATION’S and GNSS GPS equipment, allowing for fast and accurate data capture over the diverse terrain and the varying scale of projects we encounter. Deliverables can be supplied in AutoCAD 2d plans or 3d models to suit your needs or budget.
  • If required, Underground utility and drainage surveys can be carried out and added at the same time to reduce cost and save time. (add link to both pages)
  • We ensure your requirements are fully understood and apply a suitable programme to meet your deadlines.
  • Rural / remote access across fields can be achieved by use of land rover / quad bike. Our quad bike can be utilised for large scale field surveys with automated collection of data using GNSS or Total station technology.

Survey design service have been providing high quality topographical site surveys that aid design and engineering projects for over 25 years.

Topographical surveys are used to identify and map the contours of the ground and existing features with in the a site with can used on a number of mapping and drawing applications and with information which is capable of, and frequently gets integrated into GIS and BIM projects.